Our e-learning short courses are designed to cover every step, process, and issue that needs to be understood in order to conduct a high quality clinical study. These courses should take about 45 minutes to complete and a certificate is issued on completion. Every course is written to be globally applicable, so for all diseases and all regions. They are also highly pragmatic and adaptable. Each course is carefully researched to provide up to date and high quality material that is peer reviewed and regularly reviewed and updated.

These courses are built through the support and partnership of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World-Wide Antimalarial Resistance Network (www.wwarn.org) and The East African Consortium for Clinical Research (www.eaccr.org).

Modules available now

  1. Introduction to Clinical Research  Français Español 中文 Português 
  2. ICH Good Clinical Practice Course Français Español
  3. Setting the Research Question Français Español 中文
  4. The Research Protocol: Part one Français
  5. The Research Protocol: Part two Français
  6. Data Safety Monitoring Boards for African Clinical Trials Français
  7. Introduction to Consent
  8. Introduction to Data Management For Clinical Research Studies
  9. Introduction to Collecting and Reporting Adverse Events in Clinical Research


We will continue to extend this list of courses so tell us if you need to learn about something that you do not see listed here. Please also get in touch if you currently teach a course that we have not listed. All of our courses are continuously updated and are peer reviewed. Therefore please do let us know if you have comments or remarks as we can incorporate these into the courses.

Further e-learning courses can be developed from your taught training courses. Please get in touch and we can build a course using your training material for which you will be fully acknowledged as author. This will raise the profile of your work whilst enabling your training to benefit far more people.

We endeavour to translate all of our short courses into a multitude of languages including French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Swahili, Vietnamese and Thai.

Coming soon:

  1. Clinical Research Organisation and Management
  2. Good Clinical Laboratory Practice
  3. Introduction to Ethics
  4. Reviewing Social Science
  5. Cluster Randomized Trials
  6. Introduction to Laboratory Research Practice